" I Felt Young Again "

Photos by Danny Roche
I hope everyone had a great holiday so far. I just got a wonderful email from Danny Roche after he gave his grandmother the Advanced Style book  for Christmas. Read the story below to see how she reacted.

This christmas I gave my grandmother “Advanced Style”  Two hours later she comes back all dressed up in a big fur hat, pearls, diamonds a fur coat and a red scarf/turban. I took pictures of this rare occasion. I had a talk with her and asked her why she doesn't dress up anymore and this is what she had to say:

“ I grew up in the shadow of manhattan in a town called Jersey City. Looking across the hudson I often said to myself as a child one day I'm gonna go over there to enjoy the beautiful sites to see. The most popular past time growing up as a child in the depression was the going to the movies. I was always fascinated by all these beautiful actresses in these gorgeous clothes which made me become fashion conscious as I aged. I believe it influenced me in wanting to become a hairdresser to make people look glamorous  When I became older (late 40's) I stopped dressing up because I moved into the suburbs of New Jersey where it wasn't as fashionable. When I put on the old clothes again the other day I felt young again! I really miss dressing up.”  -Adeline Roche

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