The New Faces of Beauty

Charlotte Rampling by Peppe Tortora courtesy of Grey Magazine
Marc Jacobs Beauty Campaign by David Sims

Break out the Bolly sweeties!  There is indeed something to celebrate in these waning days of winter. NARS and Marc Jacobs have made a quantum leap into the future of beauty in their decision to hire two women who have been worshipped since they were young.

Charlotte Rampling, 68,will be the face of NARS. Jessica Lange, 64, will be the face of Marc Jacobs.

For seasoned women, women who threw caution to the winds in the 60’s and 70’s and lived a life where they took chances, and as they were doing that, remembered to put on some lippy, seeing the divine Miss Lange and the supreme Miss Rampling in every magazine from New York to Timbuktu will be a triumph of age over youth.

Seniors they are not.  And while we’re at it let’s banish that hateful word to describe women over fifty.  Ramplng and Lange are goddesses as are we.

- Alice Carey, author of I'll Know It When I See It

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