Winter Style Tips From The Style Crone

I asked one of my favorite bloggers, The Style Crone, to share  some of her winter style secrets with  us. If you haven't already checked out her blog, it's a must read. For more from The Style Crone CLICK HERE and enjoy her cold weather tips below:
I was deeply honored when Ari Seth Cohen asked that I submit a guest editorial on the topic of style and dressing for the cold winter months.  After all, it was Advanced Style that was a major inspiration for the launching of my blog stylecrone.comover three and one half years ago.  I have been blogging since then about aging, cancer caregiving, the death of my beloved husband, grieving and transformation through the art form of style and outfits, always wearing a hat.

During this time, I have come to believe that expressing and accepting one’s self fully, be it understated or outrageous and everything in-between, improves well being, decreases fear and changes lives for the better. Thank you Ari, for all that you do to transform and positively impact how our culture views aging.

My approach to style and the bitter cold began in my home state of Minnesota, known for its intense winters. I currently live in Denver, which offers a much more gentle climate. Though winter makes an appearance,  spring-like days interrupt the season.  However, my love for winter coats and jackets remains fully alive, and over the years I have acquired a mostly vintage collection of both.  I look forward to the self expression that they provide. Choosing a coat or jacket, and accessorizing from head to toe to match the temperature is a strategy that keeps me warm and satisfies my love for composing outfits, no matter the season.
Heat escapes from the head, so wearing a hat daily not only improves my mood, but serves the function of providing warmth.  My collection of vintage gloves brightens an outfit with color and detail.  And of course the scarf!  That grand and versatile accessory that adds flair along with comfort.
Maxi skirts, faux fur and turtlenecks provide insulation and I look forward every year to wearing boots.  Layers, layers, layers!  With each piece making its own statement. There are unlimited opportunities to approach the cold with creativity, accessorized with the warmth of humor!

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